Study with us聊城中安和机械有限公司

Join some of the best students from around the globe at one of the world's top universities.


New students成都长聚祥设备有限公司

Joining us in January? See our comprehensive guide to getting started as a new student at Edinburgh.




Edinburgh Global玛沁复欣万机械有限公司

We are a truly global University, making a significant contribution to the world, through global partnership, exchange and engagement.

Global Profile

Global Engagement Plan

Our services

International students


Edinburgh Local伊春广仁台贸易有限公司

We're committed to contributing to the city of Edinburgh through research, teaching, facilities and events.

City Region Deal

University facilities in the city

Community projects

Our work with local schools



We're ranked 4th in the UK for research power, and have the highest rating possible for our student learning experience*.


Postgraduate research degrees

Teaching Matters

Libraries and collections


Staff recognised in New Year’s Honours list海宁亨辉广科技有限公司

Two members of University staff have been recognised in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours list.


Students share visions of Edinburgh for 2020南宫金中飞服务有限公司

A gallery of stunning photographs taken by Edinburgh students celebrates the value of international experiences.

*Times Higher Education, Overall Ranking of Institutions; Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education Scotland.

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